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New Design EY016L 1D Laser Bluetooth Finger Ring Scanner| Eyoyo blog

Brand Eyoyo produces top of the Line Barcode Scanners.
New Arrival! Eyoyo EY016L 1D Laser Bluetooth Finger Ring Scanner is designed to free your hand and increase working's portable and stylish appearance lets your work have more fun and fashionable. The 3-in-1 connection way makes it more convenient to use it with your PC, Tablet and phone. What's more, equipped 450mAh rechargeable battery can continuously work for 8 hours after fully charged.
Thanks Mr Brandon Tirre has made video review of Eyoyo EY-016L 1D ring barcode reader.He mainly work on building my Amazon Fba inventory for book sales, building a professional Ebay Business. He highly recommends this scanner to new, experienced or even veteran resellers. This bluetooth scanner is changing the game for it's convenience and price point.
Having the freedom to work wireless off our  laptop is great!Eyoyo scanners help you scan barcode on products to verify its correct.It inventorys a lot of buy and sell items via bar codes on a spreadsheet with PC. This Finger Ring Scanner is great it saves you so much time when scanning multiple items by not having to scan an put the scanner down and picking it up again.
User manual is very easy to understand and all functions.
A high decoding Portable Wearable scanner is one of best tools for logistics industry and warehouses while COVID-19 has caused insufficient staff and low logistics efficiency.
You can not miss it.Eyoyo offers low Prices but great Service for you!


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